Martha Washington’s White House

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Martha Washington died in early 1802. She had never set foot in what is known today as the White House in Washington, DC.

whitehousesign The road sign in New Kent County, VA, where George Washington met and married the widow Custis.

Martha’s White House in New Kent County

martha young-2 An etching said to be the young Martha Custis Washington.

Martha Dandridge (1731-1802) was only seventeen when she married Daniel Custis, a near neighbor from New Kent County, Virginia, along the Pamunkey River. The Custises were extremely wealthy and Daniel Custis, more than twice Martha’s age, had waited a long time to marry.

Eight years later Daniel died intestate (without a will), which meant under Virginia/British law, his vast property was divided into thirds. One-third to each of his surviving children (John and Martha, ages 4 and 2) and one-third to his widow.

Daniel_Park_Curtis A likeness said to be Daniel Parke Custis, the first…

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