Which Switch is the Switch, Miss, for Ipswich?

Stories From Ipswich


I’ve just had a row with a telephone girl, a telephone girl, my brain’s in a whirl.
I asked her for Ipswich, but she lost her head,
And somehow she switch’d me on Northwich instead.
She got so mix’d up with the switches, it’s true,
That I got annoyed and I cried, “Tell me, do!”

“Which switch is the switch, Miss, for Ipswich?
It’s the Ipswich switch which I require.
Which switch switches Ipswich with this switch?
You’ve switched my switch on the wrong wire.
You’ve switched me on Northwich, not Ipswich
So now, to prevent further hitch,
If you’ll tell me which switch is Northwich and which switch is Ipswich,
I’ll know which switch is which.”

I begged the young lady to please put me through
I cried, “Switch me, do On Ipswich Two-Two.
I waited an hour, then the sweet little thing
Came back from her lunch and…

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