Luis Loyola


Lenora's Culture Center and Foray into History

I recently was browsing through some posts on Facebook and came across some beautiful photos of these wood bowls and vases. I found the craftsmanship in these pieces too beautiful not to share.

Luis Loyola began wood-turning about 20 years or so ago, when working with his father,a cabinet maker, in Lima,Peru. Luis learned the basics in woodworking from his father, but wanted a trade that allowed more creativity. He found that in wood-turning bowls of high quality. He came to the United States, to improve is craft, in the mid 1990’s and studied under several master wood-turners of international fame.

Since then Luis prides himself in seeking only the most beautiful hardwoods, like ebony and bloodwood,in the Peruvian jungle. He is continually improving his skills with each bowl and vase. These are amazing works of art, that show great skill and passion for each piece.

Luis is truly a…

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