Postwar Expressionist Sculpture: Kenneth Armitage


517qNbiH-uL._SX385_On the 18th of July 1916, sculptor William Kenneth Armitage was born in Leeds, England. He is remembered for producing semi-abstract works, still recognizably human, but sometimes merging into animal, organic or non-organic forms. Armitage’s mature style emerged in 1952 and reached its peak in 1958, when he won best international sculptor under age 45 at the Venice Biennale.

Before the War, as a student at the Slade School of Art, Kenneth Armitage worked in the direct carving method inspired by greats such as Brancusi, Moore and Hepworth. After being demobilised in 1946, he became an art lecturer at the Bath Academy and started carving local material, particularly Bath stone. “The move from direct carving to modelling was occasioned by a growing fascination with the structure of things, whether animal, vegetable or man-made. During his war service) Armitage had specialised in training soldiers to identify the shapes of aircraft…

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