501 Treasures of Byzantium: No.20: The Portrait Statue of the Four Tetrarchs.

The History of the Byzantine Empire

800px-Venice_–_The_Tetrarchs_03.jpgIn my humble opinion, I believe that more than any other empire in history, both Rome and Byzantium are best understood through its art and monuments. Almost every piece of art, whether a monument, sculpture or mosaic can tell us a story about the period of history they represent. All the famous statues of Emperors share the same images of power. Personal vanity of generals, statesmen and emperors are seen in many examples, such as the Equestrain Statue of Marcus Aurelius to the great head of the Colossal Statue of Constantine.

One of the most interesting statues ever commissioned or created is that of the Portrait Statue of the Four Tetrarchs. It is one of the best examples of shared power. It was designed to emphasis the union of the four emperors and their uncompromising stance in the face of internal and external pressures.

Some art historians believe that this…

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