“Dalliance and too much familiarity”

Historic Ipswich

William Row v. John Leigh, Mar. 28, 1673

puritan_licentousnessWrit: William Row v. John Leigh; for insinuating dalliance and too much familiarity with his wife, drawing away her affections from her husband, to the great detriment both in his estate and the comfort of his life.

From the Records and Files of the Quarterly Courts of Essex County, Massachusetts.


  • Mary Sparke deposed that being at William Rowe’s house, together with Thomas Day and his wife one Sabbath day at night, there arose a discourse between us about fishing, and some of them asking him whether he intended to go fishing. He answered that he had intended not to go out of the town this winter although he said he had an invitation by a letter from a friend to go to the Isle of Shoals to split fish by the month.
  • Gov. Samuel Graves and Grace Graves testified that their sister, the…

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