The Jackson-Hayes-Clinton Connection

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Losing a father as a boy is not unusual. Losing a father before you are born is VERY unusual.

Posthumous Children

Posthumous children, those whose fathers die before the child is born is rare – even in an age when life expectancy was low.

That three Presidents out of the forty-four men who have held the office, were posthumous children is not just rare, it is exceedingly rare. That these fatherless boys, Andrew Jackson, Rutherford Hayes and William Clinton managed to rise to the top is nothing short of amazing.

Posthumous Andy

Just weeks before Andrew Jackson (1767-1845) was born, his father was killed in an accident. His mother raised him and his two older brothers in a rural area on the southwestern border between North and South Carolina. Both states still argue over the birthplace rights.

equestrial jackson Andrew Jackson was, boy-to-man, filled with daring and bravery, to a point of…

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