The Olde Guard

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First, A Little History

1973_rcmp_coinIn 1973, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) celebrated its 100 anniversary, but did you know, prior to 1920 and 1904 Canada’s “Mounties” went  by two other names — as well as a merger?

It was 1873, when Canada’s federal police force, the North-West Mounted Police was established.

The first change was in 1904, when King Edward VII, son of the late Queen Victoria (who died 1901), permitted the designation of “Royal” to be added to “North-West Mounted Police,” which was then (and still is) a very distinct honour!

The next name change occurred in 1920 and involved a merger with the Dominion Police, a constabulary group assigned to watching the Parliamentary buildings on “The Hill” (Ottawa) from their inception in 1868.  They too experienced a name change as they had been previously known as the Western Frontier Constabulary founded in 1864.

RCMP gravestones are a…

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