ArtQuench Presents World Famous Photo-realistic Artist Scott Jacobs

Be Inspired! ...and Get ArtQuenched!

ArtQuench TV Presents Scott Jacobs

His name is known worldwide for his amazing photo-realistic paintings.

Scott and his family share the story in this two-part interview with ArtQuench of how it all began and how it has led to the…

Fourth of July Grand Openingof theScott Jacobs Gallery andMuseum

In Deadwood South Dakota 

In Part 1 of our story on SJ Studios we look at how Scott Jacobs became the first officially-licensed artist for Harley Davidson. From his humble beginnings in New Jersey as an art framer to a small gallery owner, the Scott Jacobs empire keeps on growing with a new museum/apparel shop to open in South Dakota this July.

In Part 2we look at how the Jacobs family is the reason behind the success of artist Scott Jacobs and how determined each member is in making SJ Studios a brand name in the U.S.

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