What happened this month in history?

Rearview Mirror


June 6th 1944

D-Day and the battle for Normandy begins.

One of the most talked about days of the last century occurred on 6th June 1944. It is known as D-Day. It was the first day of Operation Overload, which saw the largest combined land-sea-air operation in history. Its objective was the liberation of western Europe from Nazi occupation.

The plans for Operation Overlord were talked about as far back as 1942. In the years between 1942 and June 1944, every detail of the operation was meticulously looked at, which included an elaborate deception plan to convince the Germans that the Allies planned to land an invasion force nowhere near Normandy. Deception plans were also followed up by months of intensive air bombing in 1944, which aimed to disrupt German lines. It was then on the early morning of 6th June 1944 over Normandy, that five desolate beaches…

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