James Buchanan and the Prince of Wales

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Albert Edward, Prince of Wales had always been a concern to his parents, Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.

The Prince and his Parents

Prince Bertie, as his family called him, was a genial, warm-hearted and pleasure-loving fellow, and would remain so, even when he ascended the British throne as King Edward VII.  What he was not, however, was studious, intellectually inclined or diligent.  His serious parents despaired of his future.

Victoria and Albert Queen Victoria and Prince Albert were strict parents who expected “perfection” from their oldest son.

Bertie was born to reign; thus his parents were bound to raise him for his eventual position. At seventeen, he had been constantly surrounded by governors books and tutors,  and few companions other than family. It was counter to his personal disposition and as one might expect, he was unhappy. Every effort to please his parents was met with criticism, correction and fault finding.


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