Calvin Coolidge and Hell

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youngcal Calvin Coolidge, about the time he became Vice President.

In 1920, the office of Vice President was considered a geopolitical accommodation, thus inconsequential.

Calvin Coolidge, Vice Presidential Candidate

half-a-house The Coolidges lived in half of this two-family house in Northampton, MA until he retired from the Presidency.

Few vice presidential resumes were more inconsequential than that of Calvin Coolidge (1872-1933). Born in Vermont, he graduated Amherst College and remained in Massachusetts. As our last President to receive a legal education by “reading” law (apprenticeship), he had embarked on a mediocre career as an attorney. To supplement his modest income, he was active in local politics, becoming a state legislator as well as Mayor of Northampton, where he and his wife Grace made their home.

Physically, Coolidge was as unimpressive as his resume. Average in height and build, with thinning reddish hair and a bland, pasty face, he blended into the wallpaper…

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