Book Corner: Samantha Wilcoxson’s ‘Plantagenet Princess, Tudor Queen

History... the interesting bits!

indexMy latest book review, of Samantha Wilcoxson’s wonderful novel, Plantagenet Princess, Tudor Queen – telling the story of Elizabeth of York, mother of Henry VIII– has gone live over at The Review today!

Plantagenet Princess, Tudor Queen is a delightful novel portraying the life of England’s first Tudor Queen, Elizabeth of York. Well written and researched, the author’s passion for her subject shines through on every page, drawing you into every aspect of Elizabeth’s life, from the men in her life, to her siblings and her children. Samantha Wilcoxson’s novel immerses you in every aspect of Elizabeth’s life; indeed it draws you into the Queen’s own thoughts and feelings; into her inner turmoil surrounding the fate of her brothers, the Princes in the Tower, and her desperate desire for her eldest son, Arthur, to succeed his father as king……

Plantagenet Princess, Tudor Queenimmerses you in the world of the fledgling…

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