Lincoya: Andrew Jackson’s Indian Son

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Andrew Jackson, Indian fighter, with no love lost on his enemies, adopted a Creek Indian baby and raised him as his own.

 Andrew Jackson: Becoming the General

equestrial jackson A quintessential depiction of “Old Hickory” – Andrew Jackson.

At age forty, Andrew Jackson had been a major figure in Tennessee for nearly two decades. He was a planter, a lawyer, a businessman, a horse racer and breeder, a sometimes Congressman and Senator and full time land speculator.

But it was not until he became General Andrew Jackson that he found his true calling. The generalship itself was an honorary position in the Tennessee militia – but it appealed to Jackson’s powerful (and always quarrelsome) personality enough to claim it in political contest. It would also insure his mark in history.

He had a latent talent for soldiering and took both the title and the position seriously. Although unschooled in formal military…

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