Album review – GORILLA & GRIFTER ‘Gorilla vs Grifter’

Rock And Roll

gorillavsgrifterThis is a first for me: reviewing a split album, meaning two bands sharing the same release. In this case, the pairing is the stuff that heavy, gritty and loud rock and roll dreams are made of, smooshing together Gorilla and Grifter, two powerful British bands. Together, they bring some seriously rowdy, gritty, and roughed up rock.

I reviewed Grifter’s album ‘The Bearded Brethren’ last year (read my review), and was impressed by the band back then, but Gorilla was a new acquaintance: a gritty and ravagingly growly take on the classic Motörhead sound.

Gorilla’s Facebook bio introduces the band with a sincere, rhetorical question: “Who in their right mind , would play original, kick-asss uncommercial rock n roll, and sweat their ballls off on stages around the world for no other reason than a love of true, dirty , honest rock’ n’ roll?” Right mind or not, Gorilla is the answer.

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