The Origins of Perfume

Vagabond Traders


Perfume is poetic mastery of some of the most exotic scents in the world and the artful combination of each in just the right quantities. So, its a little bit of this and a little bit of that to produce the desired aroma and even though the ingredients in a bottle of Channel No.5 are identical, the responses that it invokes in individuals is by no means the same

Most people are under the impression that perfume originated in France, after all Paris is the  City of Love. But not true (to the perfume part anyway). The Egyptians beat them to it thousands of years before and their perfumes were used for religious ceremonies, burial rites and (most likely) to hide obnoxious smells eminating from the Hoi polloi. A big favourite among all the fragrances was from the Lily plant. They even had a God of Perfume called Nefertum…

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