In the kitchen? really?

History Witch


Last weekend I had what we call a “Ray Day” with friends in New Hampshire. A Ray Day is when we sit and watch tv all day while eating and eating and eating and eating. Anyway… so we watched a documentary series called Murder Maps on Netflix. WOW. And that is how I came upon this woman’s story- Marie Manning. I highly recommend watching the show, very informative and well done.

Marie Manning (1821 – 1849) was born in Switzerland, and became a domestic servant in England to Lady Palk of Haldon House, Devon and then to Lady Blantyre at Stafford House. She married Frederick George Manning in 1847. Frederick had a very shady past. Before Marie married him, she came in contact with one Patrick O’Connor. Patrick was extremely wealthy and worked as a money lender, charging a LOT of interest to his clients. Patrick and Marie continued their friendship after…

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