The Beginning of the World According to James Ussher


413MOUN09PLOn the 21st of March 1656, the archbishop of Armagh in Ireland, James Ussher, died in Reigate, Surrey, England. He was one of the few scholars who attempted deciphering biblical chronology and placing it within historical context . As strange as it may all sound, he managed to calculate the beginning of the world, using the Hebrew Bible as a reference. He claimed that, “The beginning of time according to our chronology, happened at the start of the evening preceding the 23rd day of October (on the Julian calendar), 4004 BC or 710 JP.” (James Ussher, Annals of the World). What is more, according to him, Creation started precisely at 10 pm. Although, some of the other sources also mention 9 am, 9 pm or 6 pm. It is possible then that it was a sudden realisation of error in his calculations that prompted him…

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