Celebrating Jerry Lewis on his 90th Birthday: My Top 5 Jerry Lewis Films of All Time!

Rearview Mirror


It’s hard to believe that, at the time of this article, Jerry Lewis is alive and well! In fact, Jerry Lewis celebrates his 90th birthday today. Jerry Lewis (with Dean Martin) featured heavily on my television screen on a Saturday afternoon growing up. His antics on film made me laugh as a kid until my sides burst. However, for the most part, American critics in recent decades have paid little to no attention to Jerry Lewis’ genius. (Some regard his body of work, some 50 films, as not worthy of a second look.) Many people consider him a relic of the past, out of touch, with a big mouth and by today’s standards also somewhat politically incorrect.

Jerry Lewis for many reasons just seems to polarize people, but some effort it seems in recent years have been made to recognize him. The Motion Picture Academy, for instance, honoured Jerry…

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