John Quincy Adams: When The People Cheered

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JohnQuincyAdams John Quincy Adams, 6th President, and considered the most cosmopolitan man of his generation.

John Quincy Adams was a brilliant man of many substantive accomplishments. Popularity was not one of them.

JQA: A Spectacular Upbringing

By the time John Quincy Adams (1767-1848) was twenty-one, he was arguably the most cosmopolitan man of his generation in America.

jq the child John Quincy Adams was ten years old when he first went to Europe.

At ten, he had the good fortune to travel to Europe with his father, a diplomat for the newly-created United States. Lawyer, legislator and prime mover of American independence, the senior Adams signed the Declaration of Independence, and was considered one of the new country’s foremost statesmen.

Ten-year-old John Quincy Adams was destined to follow in his illustrious father’s footsteps. He was placed in the best schools, and the bright child thrived. Always academically inclined, he excelled in all subjects, including…

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