Ella Robson Guilfoyle’s “Echoes” part of CIRCUSFEST 2014….

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Echoes, the first full-length work by emerging choreographer Ella Robson Guilfoyle, is a breath-taking combination of contemporary dance and circus. Via a full size trampoline, a trampowall and 2 chinese poles, this spectacular performance explores the extraordinary in the journeys and routines of our daily

Ella Robson-Guilfoyle's "Echoes" | Photo: James Medcraf Ella Robson-Guilfoyle’s “Echoes” | Photo: James Medcraf

Created & Choreography: Ella Robson-Guilfoyle

Composer: Jon Opstad


Gabrielle Cook, Beren D’Amico, Louis Gift, Joshua Smith, Kassie Starkey

Ella Robson-Guilfoyle’s “Echoes”: CIRCUSFEST 2014 Ella Robson-Guilfoyle’s “Echoes”: CIRCUSFEST 2014

Filmed at Maiden Lane Festival, Camden

As Part of CIRCUSFEST 2014 for the Roundhouse in London

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