Sticks and stones…

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Goes to show you that name-calling and bullies have been around for a LONG time.

Margaret, not-so-fondly known as Margaret Maultasche (translates to whore), was the last Countess of Tyrol. Her father, Duke Henry of Carinthia, had no surviving male heirs, so he reached an agreement with Emperor Louis IV that allowed Margaret to take over his estates.

At the time, there was quite a feud going on for control of Tyrol. Duke Henry arranged for Margaret to Marry John Henry, Margave of Moravia, in a typical-of-the-times move to ensure his political power. The two were married in Tyrol. Margaret was 12 and John Henry was 8. This decision proved to be a mistake for many reasons. One of which was that John Henry was a tool. Everyone in Tyrol despised him.

After a hunting trip, the haughty John Henry returned to Tirol Castle (where the two resided). Margaret refused to let…

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