Godzilla: The Nuclear Monster


51ht66PDACLOn the 25th of January 1970, Eiji Tsuburaya, the Japanese special effects director, died in Sukagawa, Fukushima, Japan. Known for his immaculate experimentation in the field of cinematic special effects in his time, Tsuburaya brought new quality into the Japanese science-fiction genre.

He began his career in filmmaking as a cinematographer at the Nippon Cinematograph Company in Kyoto. In 1926, he joined Shochiku Kyoto Studios, where he started experimenting with innovative filming techniques, including the first use of a camera crane in Japanese film. But it was not until 1938 when, after becoming head of Special Visual Techniques at Toho Tokyo Studios, he took part in the production of films that would attract worldwide attention to Japanese cinematography. One of the most significant films he co-produced at Toho was Godzilla (1954). The major inspiration for the sci-fi film about the gigantic prehistoric creature, mutated by hydrogen bomb…

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