TR and the White House Gang

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When Theodore Roosevelt became President in 1901, he brought his wife and six kids – the largest group of youngsters in the White House.

The Young Roosevelts

1903 --- A portrait of Theodore Roosevelt (1858-1919) with his family in 1903, prior to his election to President in 1904. His oldest daughter Alice stands at the rear. He is serving out the term of his predecessor, William McKinley, assassinated in 1901. Roosevelt's most durable achievments include reform of trusts, clean food, and the national park system. --- Image by © CORBIS Theodore Roosevelt had the largest family living in the White House. (l. to r.: Ethel, TR, Ted, Archie, Alice, Kermit, Edith and Quentin.

At 42, Theodore Roosevelt was our youngest president, and not surprisingly, his family was filled with youngsters. Alice, at seventeen, would become an immediate hit: pretty, and totally outrageous. Ted, at fourteen and Kermit, at twelve, were away at prep school most of the time. Ethel, at ten, was in a local school in Washington.

That left Archie and Quentin, seven and three respectively, when their father came to the White House. Smart, impish and full of the rambunctious exuberance associated with Rooseveltian activity, once they started school, they became the leaders of a select group of local boys whose…

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