What happened this month in history?

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January 4th 1967

High Speed World Record Attempt Ends in Tragedy.

Briton Donald Campbell lost his life doing what he loved best on January 4th 1967. He lost control of his all-metal turbo jet engine speedboat, Bluebird K7, which bounced three times before somersaulting into the air and crashing into the water at very high-speed. Campbell was killed instantly in the accident. Campbell lived under the huge shadow of his famous father, Sir Malcolm Campbell, a successful high-speed racer, who held various land and water speed records in the 1920’s and 30’s. Sir Malcolm doubted whether his son could emulate his success, but Donald was determined to prove him wrong. His daredevil and often reckless pursuit of speed gained him notoriety becoming a multiple land and water record breaker in his own right. On the fateful day of his crash, he was trying to break a new water speed…

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