1865 December 7: ThanksgivingDay–“Peace again smiles upon us”

The Civil War and Northwest Wisconsin

Thanksgiving Day was supposedly set as the last Thursday in November by President Abraham Lincoln in his 1863 proclamation, but in 1865 President Andrew Johnson declared December 7 as the National Day of Thanksgiving.  Wisconsin Governor James T. Lewis had issued a proclamation declaring November 30th, but then changed the date when President Johnson issued his proclamation.

As has been our custom, we include the Thanksgiving artwork—1865’s by famed illustrator Thomas Nast—from Harper’s Weekly.

From The Polk County Press of November 29, 1865:

Finger002  Gov. Lewis has changed the day for thanksgiving from November 30th to December 7, the day appointed by the President.

From The Prescott Journal of November 11, 1865:

Proclamation for Thanksgiving.

MADISON, Oct. 28.—Governor Lewis to-day issued the following proclamation :


Peace again smiles upon us.  The work of death has ceased.  The authority of the government has…

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