Profiling courage: The wisdom and compassion of John F. Kennedy.

jfk with caroline pd

Today is the 52nd anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, one of my personal and political heroes. The day on which he was shot by the solitary action of a small, petty, angry and otherwise insignificant man–Lee Harvey Oswald–was a very dark day for America and for the world. I wasn’t born when Kennedy was alive, but his vision for a compassionate and courageous democracy has inspired me for as long as I’ve been interested in politics and history, which is to say most of my life. He certainly wasn’t perfect, as a man or as a President, but even in his imperfections I think he set a very positive example of how even flawed people (and who isn’t flawed?) can have an enormous positive impact on history. If you’re interested in reading a very lucid and inspiring biography of Kennedy, both his greatness and his drawbacks…

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