The Haunted Bedroom (Creepy History 17)

Windows into History

houseThe following ‘true story’ (pinch of salt required) is from Apparitions by Joseph Taylor, published in 1814.  The book was also the subject of Creepy History 1, posted on 1st October.

A young gentleman, going down from London to the west of England, to the house of a very worthy gentleman, to whom he had the honour to be related; it happened, that the gentleman’s house was at that time full, by reason of a kinswoman’s wedding, that had lately been kept there. He therefore told the young gentleman, that he was very glad to see him, and that he was very welcome to him: “But,” said he, “I know not how I shall do for a lodging for you; for my cousin’s marriage has not left a room free, save one, and that is haunted; but if you will lie there, you shall have a very good bed, and…

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