Abraham Lincoln’s Grandson: “Jack”

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Abraham Lincoln never lived to see any of his grandchildren.

Robert Todd Lincoln & Family

Abraham Lincoln’s eldest son Robert was twenty-one when his father was assassinated. He had completed his undergraduate studies at Harvard, and planned to re-enroll in Harvard’s law school once he was discharged from the Union Army. Abraham Lincoln had agreed.

That, of course, never would happen.

Robert Lincoln After Abraham Lincoln’s death, Robert Lincoln became the man of the family. He was 21.

Robert had also become enamored of Mary Eunice Harlan, the daughter of Senator James Harlan of Iowa. The Lincolns knew her family, and they knew her. Mary Lincoln liked her very much and encouraged the romance but Mary was only eighteen and Robert twenty-one. Too young. They could, and must, wait.

mary harlan Robert Lincoln began to court Mary Eunice Harlan shortly before Lincoln’s second inauguration. He was 21, she was 18.

Miss Harlan remained in…

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