Journals 9.1 – Seward’s Travels Around the World (Part 1)

Windows into History

niagara Niagara Falls, painted by William Morris Hunt in 1878

William H. Seward’s Travels Around the World was published posthumously in 1873 by D. Appleton & Company, New York. Of all the journal writers I have explored so far he was the most famous, although his fame was not as a result of his writing.

Had history taken a different turn, Seward could well have been the 16th President of the United States of America. A Governor of New York from 1839-1842, Seward stood for leadership of the Republican Party against Abraham Lincoln in 1860, and for a time appeared to be the favourite. However, Seward was a principled man and campaigned vocally against slavery. This, along with other unpopular views, denied him the level of support he needed to win the leadership, and Lincoln became the leader of the party instead. Subsequently, with Seward’s support in campaigning, Lincoln was…

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