Hammer of the Witches

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Welcome to WITCH Season on History Witch! I keep starting earlier and earlier every year.

The Malleus Maleficarum, also known the Hammer of the Witches is a handbook for hunting witches. It was written in 1487 by Heinrich Kramer. Heinrich clearly had a very small… uh, sorry, Heinrich was a German churchman and inquisitor. He joined the Dominican Order very young and was considered to be enthusiastic and eloquent (whatever).

This ridiculous publication states that there are 3 qualities that define a witch: the evil intentions of the witch, the help of the devil, and the permission of God. It goes on to describe actual forms of witchcraft, how to confront and combat witchcraft and how to aid inquisitors in abolishing witchcraft.

Also within these pages:

Women are more susceptible to demonic temptations due to the weakness of the gender and because they have a “temperament towards flux” and “loose tongues”.


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