G Troop, 7th Cavalry Regiment Muster Roll

Army at Wounded Knee

Muster Roll of Captain Winfield S. Edgerly’s Troop G of the Seventh Regiment of Cavalry, Army of the United States, (Colonel James W. Forsyth,) from the 31st day of October, 1890 to the 31st day of December, 1890. [Names in bold are believed to have been present at the battle of Wounded Knee.  Those annotated with § were killed in action or died of wounds, and those annotated with ¥ were awarded the Medal of Honor or the Certificate of Merit.]

Captain Edgerly, Winfield S.: Commanding Troop.

First Lieutenant Brewer, Edwin P.: With Troop.

Second Lieutenant Bell, James F.: Absent with leave since Nov. 21st, 1890 per Special Order #267 Adjutant General’s Office 1890.

¥ First Sergeant Toy, Frederick E.: Enlisted on October 16, 1888 at Fort Riley, Kansas, by Lt. McCormick.  Adjutant General’s Office–granted a Medal of Honor.

Sergeant Hennessee, Emanuel: Enlisted on October 1, 1888 at Fort Riley…

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