Where Do You Get Your Ideas?

Dan Alatorre

2012 b2

I get story ideas everywhere, all the time.

Doesn’t everyone? Don’t all writers? Please tell me I’m not an oddball!

(Recently we discussed Successful Authors and how ofen they admit they don’t know what they’re dong, HERE.)

I get ‘em all the time.

Ideas… If they are interesting enough, I do a quick talk-to-text and send it to me computer. That’s round one. The next day, I look at them to see if they’re still interesting. I see if the email actually contained anything that could be a compelling story. Sometimes yes, sometimes no. If it isn’t for sure still interesting a day later, DELETE.

Sometimes an idea is interesting enough to flesh out but not be its own story. That can become a cool back story or motivation for a minor character in a bigger story.

Ooh, THAT's a good idea.... and that... and that... Ooh, THAT’s a good idea…. and that… and that…

The ones…

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