What Author’s Style Do You Admire The Most?

Dan Alatorre

I get asked this sometimes, so here’s my answer. From now on I can copy paste, I guess.

What author’s style do you admire the most?

For me, it’s Mark Twain.

Lame, right?


And what's with the hair? And what’s with the hair?

How many of us were forced to read Tom Sawyer in school? And why does a book tend to suck when you’re forced to read it in school? Anyway, if what somebody wrote during the Ulysses S. Grant administration can still make people laugh on their iPads, they’ve done it right, and that’s my take on Twain. Not freaking Tom Sawyer, which I first saw as a musical, for god’s sake, but the stuff he did after that, the hilarious essays and speeches. The man is still quotable and timely today even if you don’t attribute the quote to him. (He had a “voice” – read about finding your…

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