Donnelly’s Hollow

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Donnellys Hollow (1)

Now this is the type of place that I don’t come across too often. This quaint little monument, which is situated a short distance from the old military graveyard on the Curragh plains, commemorates the site of a famous prize fight between Dan Donnelly and the English Champion George Cooper. The fight which took place on 13th December 1815 was won by Donnelly when he knocked out his opponent in the 11th round. Dan Donnelly was one of Irelands most famous bare knuckle boxers. The metal railings which surround the monument are said to mark the exact spot where this fight took place. Little is known about Donnelly’s early life, but he was born in Townsend Street, Dublin, in 1788. His natural ability for brawling was first noticed by a Captain Kelly, who persuaded him to take up Boxing as a career. His first major fight took place…

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