Weary Willie and the Three Kellys

Silent Films

My next film will feature two new characters, both of whom will be clowns.  I’ve since done a lot of research on clowns; the history of clowning and  famous clowns.   I looked at pictures of clowns, photographs and drawings of clowns, even old commercials from back before Coulraphobia was invented and it was okay to show clowns on tv.  One day, I came across this painting:

There was no mention of the artist’s name and I had as of yet assumed that he had painted his own original character simply called, “The Sad Clown”.

A little searching however told me that the artist’s name was Barry Leighton Jones and the clown depicted was none other than the famous Emmett Kelly as his alter-ego, “Weary Willie.”

The story of Emmett Kelly and how his clown creation was able to consume the lives of three generations of performers is a tragic…

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