David Blackburn’s Lyrical Landscape Visions


41yhg7KmRjL._SL500_On the 22nd of June 1939, artist David Blackburn was born in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire and continues working in the north of England. His art is visually and technically unusual for our times. Good art features a clearly recognizable visual signature, something unique, inviting and thrilling for the eye – something that is never monotonous or manufactured in commercialised series. A good artist is a generous artist, willing to transfer as much of his spiritual self through the work to the viewer, who thereby leaves the gallery enriched. All these qualities apply to David Blackburn. His visions teach us how to conjure up the world as an ideal; they bring out the best in us. His pastels prompt us to use our imagination and at the same time they guide us through the process of exploring it to its full potential. Every piece is a trip with a surprise destination…

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