Enrico Baj: Anarchist at Heart


61nXgzEKk3LOn the 15th of June 2003, Italian painter, sculptor, writer and anarchist Enrico Baj died in Vergiate, Italy. In his works he focused mainly on politically engaged themes such as the threat of nuclear war or the political situation in Italy under Berlusconi. Baj was one of the founders of the Nuclear Art Movement that made reference to contemporary fears about nuclear war and human annihilation. His obsession with the atomic age even led him to apply the term “heavy water” to the emulsions of enamel paint and distilled water that he used in the late 1950s.” (Christopher Masters, Enrico Baj (Obituary), The Guardian, 9 July 2003). Baj’s artistic roots originate in Dada and Surrealism, which he came to know firsthand after meeting Marcel Duchamp, André Breton, and Max Ernst in Paris. It is probably from these acquaintances that he developed penchant for found objects and readymade…

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