Paper Mache Dragonfly

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Hello everyone.  Yes, it’s been a while since I posted something.  All I can say is that life sometimes gets in the way of art.  I’m sure most of you can attest to that fact.

I’ve decided to make a dragon-like dragonfly.    This idea came after getting a really cool gift from one of my daughters at Christmas.  She is a senior in the architecture program at the University of Washington.   She has access to some laser cutters in her program and she used one to cut these dragonfly wings out of wood and paper.    I was just blown away by the precision of those lasers!

paper mache Dragonfly wing

The cuts produced the most delicate structures!

paper mache Dragonfly- wing close up

The key to this project will be making wings that are analogous to wings like the ones above, but with much less detail.

I found some sticks at a craft store made from bamboo.   There are fairly…

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