Surreal Memories: Leonora Carrington’s Trip Down Below


511B0bkVGJL._SX385_On the 6th of April 1917, the Surrealist painter Leonora Carrington was born in Clayton-le-Woods, Lancashire, England. The artist and writer lived most of her adult life in Mexico City, and was one of the last surviving participants of 1930s Surrealism. Carrington had a famous love affair with the German artist Max Ernst whose work she discovered at the 1936 International Surrealist Exhibition in London.

The two artists met at a London party in 1937 and Carrington returned with him to Paris where he promptly separated from his wife to be with her. They settled in the south of France and even started working together. However, trouble was brewing with the outbreak of WWII when Ernst got arrested, first by the French authorities for being a German, later by the invading Nazis for what the Gestapo censored as decadent work. Ernst managed to escape to America assisted by the…

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