1865 March 11: Furloughed and Paroled Wisconsin Soldiers

The Civil War and Northwest Wisconsin

Two reports to Wisconsin Governor James T. Lewis from George W. Sturges, one of Wisconsin’s agents in the field to help soldiers.  These reports were published in The Prescott Journal of March 11, 1865.

Notice to Furloughed Soldiers. 

ST. LOUIS, Mo., Feb. 23d, 1865

His Excellency James T. Lewis, Governor of Wisconsin :

DEAR SIR :  I cut the attached “notice to furloughed soldiers” from the Democrat of this date.  Although it is an old subject, still in publication in our State papers may be of utility and save the fair “name and fame” of some of our Wisconsin soldiers, who are still absent from the hospitals through ignorance of regulations.  A charge of desertion recorded against a soldier, always makes more or less trouble for him.

Your ob’t serv’t,       GEO. W. STURGES,
.                       .Wisconsin State Agent.

Washington, Nov. 9, 1864. }

Application for transfer…

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