Irish Immigrant Private Thomas Sullivan, E Troop, 7th Cavalry – Conspicuous Bravery

Army at Wounded Knee

Throughout the engagement he was conspicuous by his bravery, and I took occasion, while still on the field, to refer to his excellent conduct.
–Lieutenant H. G. Sickel

Thirty-one year-old Private Thomas Sullivan had little more than a year in the Army and E Troop, 7th Cavalry, at the time of the Pine Ridge Campaign.   At Wounded Knee he demonstrated to his leadership his bravery and potential as a cavalryman.  E Troop was taking effective fire from the Lakota that had sought refuge in the pocket of the ravine. Sergeant Nettles and Private Kellner were both shot in the head by Indians firing from concealed positions in the pocket, and Sergeant Tritle was wounded in the hand.  Two of the troop’s horses were also killed.  By all soldier accounts, E Troop was under a hot fire to which the officers and non-commissioned officers exposed themselves while placing soldiers…

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