I Am More Than a Writer


I  have dedicated the month of February to writers. I will be sharing more about who they are and not just their writing. There is so much more to a writer than just their books. Their everyday life is sometimes the inspiration for their writing. So I would like for you to get to know them just a little better.

My first Writer(s) to introduce you to will be….Kathy and Karen Sills



Kathy and Karen Sills are identical twins who has always dreamed of being a published author. But these two ladies did not just dream it, they made their dream come true. They started writing in high school for English class and the school news paper. They went on to college to fulfill their career in childcare which helped them fuel their writing career, too. We have always wanted to write full-time, but we settle for part time right now so that we can still work with children.
They are not only interested in writing, they have a passion for cooking. Karen and Kathy love to watch the food channel. We even love to grocery shop. Our quote for our cookbook is: sending a smile from our faces to your stomachs. We even dream of owning our own food truck or bakery some day!
Karen and Kathy spend their time writing on children’s books, and they even like to dabble in poetry. When they are not writing they are in the kitchen testing one of their recipes. They are not afraid to face a challenge, writing of course, has many challenges, but they made it through the first one, and that was to be published. Karen and Kathy just set their minds to the task at hand and watch their dreams come true.



IMG_0244 IMG_0246


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