What is a Quest?

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The Quest by Nelson DeMille. Available for under $10.00

quest_homeThis weekend I admittedly faced the need for recharging. Sometimes you get so wrapped up in meeting deadline after deadline and solving all the issues, great and small in life, that you suddenly find yourself walking on thin air. With no certain knowledge that you can fly. It was, perhaps, an excellent place from which to venture into Nelson DeMille’s The Quest.

Nelson DeMille is, to me, a consummate storyteller. He will often drag me off into the worlds he creates until I reach the end, and then I linger there for days. Wondering about the characters, what they would be doing, or how they would respond to one or more scenarios in life as I know it. The Quest is a rewrite of a novel that DeMille wrote in 1975 when he was still an obscure unknown. The manuscript…

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