a lasting legacy.

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Saint Dymphna

Her father was a pagan Irish King, but her mother was a devout Christian. That had to be an interesting household, especially in the 7th century. King Damon was devoted to his wife, so much so, when she died, he insisted that his new wife be as beautiful as his first. Dymphna was only 14 when her mother passed.

They searched far and wide for a fitting wife, but none could fill Dymphna’s mother’s shoes. During this time, Damon’s mental health began to deteriorate rapidly. He found his wife’s replacement in his own home, his own daughter. Oh the horror.

Dymphna, who had chosen to be a Christian like her mother, had taken a vow of chastity. When her own dad started making moves on her – she fled Ireland by ship and landed in Belgium.

Eventually King Damon’s people found her. Damon arrived and demanded she go back with…

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