Tracy Todd – Author

Tracy Todd

I was recently introduced to Tracy Todd, via Email, through a mutual friend. Tracy is a new author and I want to show her some support and let her tell you a little about herself.

My background is varied. After being out of the UK for over twenty years, I returned and made the best decision of my life. I decided to make a living out of my beliefs. This is a hard path, but becoming a successful, published author is a large part of that. Being pragmatic, I also took a writing class and created a unique self-development programme to promote and deliver internationally.
I have been fortunate to experience many industries and organisations in very different worlds. This has included various start-up projects in retail and hospitality, as well as more recently focusing on social productivity and growth in third world countries. This gives me a business background through which I understand importance of finding a market and selling a product in any industry. This is how I am attempting to approach the promotion of Unscanned.
In terms of writing, I have always written. Many years ago I published articles in hospitality journals and, more recently, short stories with Indigo Dreams in their magazine Sarasvati. I have also co-written and published two educational books focused on improving productivity in the retail and hospitality sectors.

Unscanned is my second novel, which I feel is the better of the two for its writing style and story content.  It has approximately 90,000 words and, to-date, has received very good reviews from both children and adults. Throughout my career as a Learning and Development Consultant, I’ve spent many hours at my computer developing material as well as writing fiction. I believe this story was the only one that seemed to write itself.  I couldn’t get to the end, because the kids got in the way.  They kept talking and would then fall into unexpected traps – only to need rescuing again!  Hence the number of words it took to tell the tale.

Currently, I am both testing the market regarding Unscanned and writing the next book. The book is aimed at 9-13 year olds and so I have approached 54 schools, and have already begun readings in schools, clubs and the local libraries. I am also sending samples out internationally to test its mass market viability and gain target audience feedback. India and Germany have already returned positive.
The local children’s librarian has read it and will buy it for all libraries under his authority. He will also introduce it at the upcoming regional Head Librarian Meeting he is part of.
I am also promoting it through school & club book fairs & raffles, convincing the nearest Waterstones to do a local author signing and potentially working with local supermarkets – although I have yet to have a final answer on this.
The local drama club would like me to convert it into a Spring Play for the children in their club so that it can be performed for all the local dignitaries and newspapers, as well as parents and children. This will be an exciting venture.
Recently, I self-published, which for me is not ideal, as I believe I need an agent who can support me and make the book an even better read, and one who is able to focus on the market and publishing requirements. However, if I want to promote my book, I need an actual book and so I am forging ahead!
I have yet to find anyone to read it in America, Canada and Latin America, which is a major market and continent to break into. I would, therefore, truly appreciate any help you might be able to give me.
Below this letter is a cover image for my book, a shorter introduction and photograph. If you need something different, please let me know.

You can see some of my reviews on my website:

I would be pleased if you would stop by her author page and learn more about her and show your support. Comments are appreciated.

TT book cover

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