Anastasia Ponyatovskaya Pace – Artist

Anastasia Ponyatovskaya Pace

I have recently met an artist named Anastasia, that has some amazing artwork. I want to share a little about her here. So let me introduce her and share some of her art, then follow the link to see more of this talented young lady.

Anastasia Ponyatovskaya Pace graduated as an artist from the college in Sankt-Petersburg, Russia and Academy of art in Moldova. After joining the Union of Artists in 2004, she has become widely revered for her unique style and imagination and participated in many art exhibitions including: Moldova, UK, Russia, Germany, Latvia, Malta, Gozo and Italy.

Since 2005 Anastasia Ponyatovskaya has been living in Malta and she finds that this country is full of legendary and beautiful places which are very inspiring for creations. She presents new original  art works in postmodernism fantasy /fairy tales/ styles. In her art she tries to rethink heritage & old traditions, and bring new inspiration in her work.

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Find more of her art at;

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