Queen Anne of Great Britain ~ A Guest Post by Samantha Arbisi Hanson

Love this time in history. Great post.

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Queen Anne Stuart of Great Britain Queen Anne Stuart of Great Britain

Samantha is an avid historian and writer and joins us today with a post on Anne Stuart, Queen of Great Britain. You can follow her on her Facebook page Today in Dead Royalty and on Twitter.

Born in 1665, Anne did not look the part of the usual Stuarts. She would grow up to be short and stout, unlike her tall and beautiful relatives. However, she would make just as much of an impact on history as the lot of them.

Anne was the younger daughter of James Stuart, Duke of York, and his first wife, Anne Hyde. She would grow up with an elder sister Mary, with whom she shared a household. The sisters would be educated by private tutors, with heavy instruction in the tenets of the Anglican faith. Anne’s piety would stick with her until the day she died…

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