“Noah’s Wife” by T. K. Thorne

theresa thorne


I just read a book by T. K. Thorne called “Noah’s Wife”  What an amazing book. Na’amah is a young girl being raised by her grandmother, Savta. Na’amah is a strong willed young girl whose Faith and beliefs could land her in trouble. Her brother Tubal Cain is always telling her how ugly she is and he seems to hate her which she cannot understand. Her grandmother tells her she is special and when she is older will understand but for now must keep her mouth silent. Her secret could get her killed like others, so she must be careful.She is unlike most girl because she prefers sheep herding and using her sling shot over sewing and cooking. Her only friend is Yanner, who is close in age. She has even thought she would one day marry him but that wasn’t to be. Yanner loves her but I don’t think she knows how much. Taunts from her brother make life difficult, she is already dealing with being different. She learns she is chosen to be the next Mother Goddess , a role she doesn’t want, but will have to make a decision at some point. She lets no one dictate her life, she is always in control over what she wants to do.

Then she meets Noah at the market and he buys her a bird. He will ask for hand but as a married woman she would have to give up herding, something she loved to do. Her brother is seething with anger when he learns of her betrothal. Na’amah will face many trials but she is strong and determined and will do things her way. She marries Noah but her brother is still seething and will try to stop it. Yanner wants to have her for himself and a plot is made. She thinks she has been betrayed by Yanner but will soon realize that is much more traumatic than she could ever know. She will have to watch her back at all times and others are also on guard to protect her.

She will marry Noah and have a family and her beloved Savta is always by her side. I find that this book had my attention from the first page until the end.  Na’amah in her young life has a lot to learn and will soon face many obstacles as well as make an important decision. She has a good heart and a strong determination and you will grow to love this character has much as I did. These characters are bigger than life and you will grow to love some and not so much others. This is a well written book. I could go on and on about her but I will leave that to you. This is an awesome book, so you will just have to go out and get and read it for yourself. I look forward to reading more of T. K. Thorne’s books.







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