Songs of Kiguli


What  it Means to be a Princess ….when your only 13


A Kiguli kid’s recollection of her maiden trip to Kampala city, Uganda.

My name is Kyasiimiire Tracy.
I study from Kiguli Army Primary School.
I am 13 years old.
First of all, I want to first thank Mr. Matogo Philip. He used his powers to give us a Kampala tour.
He told us that we shall go to Kampala on May 16th, 2014. And some children in their hearts couldn’t believe and that it was a joke.
It was on Friday when we traveled for our journey/tour.
We left Nakasongola at 1:30pm and reached Kampala at 4:30pm.
We went at the city square where we found Madam Christine, our English teacher.
We then went at a restaurant. We found Mr. Matogo Philip waiting for us.
He welcomed us with a smiling face as usual.
We sat down and the waitress came and asked us what we wanted to eat and drink.
I picked a menu and chose fried chicken, rice, matooke, macaroni, Irish potatoes, and fried goat meat.
After finishing eating, we went to Emin Pasha Hotel.
There was a beautiful lady called Nunu Brenda. She welcomed us with a smiling face and gave us a seat and we sat.
After there was a waitress who came and asked us what we wanted to drink.
We were so happy somebody came and asked what we wanted to drink. In fact, it was a nice day.
I told her I wanted Mountain Dew.
I took many types of soda like I was in Heaven.
Within time, they brought food and we ate again.
I got more fried chicken, macaroni, rice Irish Potatoes, Green vegetables. It was not like the kind we eat at home. This meal was so interesting and tasty.
After there, they called us to sing for them the Songs of Kiguli.
We sang and all the ladies and gentlemen were happy and they clapped for us. And nodded their heads.
They called us and photographed us many photos. And said that they are going to put us in the newspapers.
There was many important peoples like James Mugira, Matogo Philip, John Nagenda and Nunu Brenda.
Mr. John Nagenda gave us a gift of shs 20,000 each.
It was an interesting day for me and full of happiness.
We went with Madame Christine home, she was the one protecting us.
Early in the morning, they cooked for us milk and we ate bread and chapatti.
On Sunday, we went for a tour of Wonder world amusement park in Kampala.
Mr. Matogo had already give Madam the money to take us.
We paid and entered.
I swam, they painted me colors on the face, I went to Noah’s Ark,
I drove a car, lastly I went at the caterpillar. We then went home and I slept and dreamed at night to what I saw there. In those 4 days I was there, I was so happy and I wanted to stay like for two months.
But when I came back to Nakasongola, I felt badly because I did not want to come back this way.
When we went, other children started believing that Mr Matogo is true.
I thank him for what he did for us and I will never forget him all my life.

Written by Tracy.

[more to come!]

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